Swiss Railway Undertaking / Fleet acquisition – Mandate Project Management ad interim (39 months)

Aquisition and rollout of 62 double-deck trains for Switzerland (project volume approx. CHF 2 billion)

Crisis Management / Change Management – new project team structure, disciplinarian and technical leadership, build-up of a new core project team, redefinition of relationships with the supplier. Core project team of 13 people (main tasks / sub-projects: technics, commercial, rollout, claim management, PMO, planning, quality control), entire project team approx. 100 employees ( (in a matrix organisation).

Set up of new project structures.


Electrical machines – Mandate Interim Management (8 Monate)

Change Management / branch manager ad interim – new organisation, process adjustement, collaboration in developing new strategies, structuring and planning of largce-scale projects, operational management of the branch. Directly responsible for approx. 40 employees.


Autmoatic sliding doors – Interim Management (12 months)

Change Management / Turnaround Management – reorganization, new employees, changes in order processing and logistics. Adjustments to the company's strategic orientation. Directly responsible for approx. 40 employees.
Main topics were necessary processing adjustments to attain essential cost optimization. Further improvements were reached by restructuring the existing customer service organization.
Additionally, several projects aimed at performance optimization were prepared for implementation.


Swiss Railway Undertaking – Interim Management (mandate, 16 months)

Change Management – reorganization, new processes, introduction of SAP PP for the reprocessing of components, ca. 180 employees
Allocation of the heavy maintenance and the operational upkeep of the traction engines
Split of the sections coaches and components
Leadership of the sections coaches and components for 7 months, after for 9 months manager of the section components
Intensive collaboration in the planning of new maintenance plants  


Technical Wholesale – Collaborating Coach (mandate, 10 months)

Development and empowerment of the back office and telemarketing division after restructuring and introduction of SAP SD, MM, ca. 30 employees
Development of interface processes and coordination with other organisational units
Optimising of processes. Introduction and support/training of employees.
Establishment of system configurations, support in complex sales projects, training in sales comprehension in other organisational units


Plant Manufacturing Domestic Engineering – Coaching (mandate, 3 months)

Dynamisation and optimisation of the customer service group in the sectors heating / sanitary engineering / swimming pools / air-conditioning - ca. 35 employees
Analysis of process consistency, fathoming of potentials for optimisation, identification of potentials for sales, service and repair


Technical Software / SME – Interim Management (mandate – part time)

Optimisation of sales
Education in acquisition competences
Adjustment of strategy
Operational acquisition in trades of analytics and life science


Swimming Pool Construction – Interim Management (mandate, 13 months)

Crisis management, implementation of successor regulation, ca. 25 employees
The shareholders tried for several years to establish a sustainable, patronal, successor regulation. The company experienced the classical phases of crisis (sales slump, strategic crisis, weakness in earnings, liquidity crisis), a technical competence was hardly existent.
13 months after starting the mandate, the company was ready to be sold to a patronal orientated investor safeguarding sales pitch and jobs.


Cold Section Profiles Manufaturer - Interim Management (mandate – part time)

Setup of a Swiss subsidiary  for a German shelving system manufacturer. Setup of a two shift concept with 2 teams of 3 employees each.
Setup of a maintenance structure of the production facilities


International Services / Logistics for armies, NPO and NGO – Interim Mandate (part time- 6 months)

Recruitment of 300 site managers for disciplines logistics and sales


Provider of Interim Managers, Germany – Interim Management (mandate - 10 months)

Crisis manager, marketing and sales of interim management in Germany, 5-11 employees
Redesign of the company (due to resignation of all staff), mentoring of on-going mandates, sale of new mandates in Germany in car industry, machinery and plant engineering, electric industry and different other industries
Collaboration in the process of hiring new and permanent employed advisors
As member of the executive board, representation of the company at events
The company could be sold 6 months after end of contract