In a company coaching is used as an open, independent and integer guidance. It can also be applied as a support of single employees or teams. wma relies on a practice oriented approach: supervise; participate; if required lead.


Possible cases of employment:

  • Leadership vacuum
  • Internal changes
  • Restructuring
  • Public relations
  • Integration of new working processes and concepts
  • Dynamisation of teams and task forces
  • Staff development
  • Etc.



The coach has to meet many expectations:

  • Credibility
  • Discretion, honesty
  • High expertise
  • Social and leading competences
  • Etc.



The advantages for the company are obvious:

  • Measures will be represented in their entirety and at the appropriate level
  • No organisational blindness
  • Process assistance is part of it
  • Target orientation is raised
  • Leadership experience